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This research deals with the correlation between students vocabulary mastery and their achievement in their reading comprehension. The data were taken from 33 students from class X-TKJ of SMK As – Sakienah Boarding School Tugu – Sliyeg. The writer used quantitative method by Pearson Product Moment. From the calculation by using product moment formula, it was found out that the coefficient correlation from this research is 0,8409.. It can be concluded that there is positive and high correlation level between students’ vocabulary mastery and their achievement in reading comprehension. This research used significance level 5%. From the hypothesis testing result, it was found that  r_count is 0,8409 >r _table 0,3494. Based on the fact, it can be concluded that Alternative Hypothesis (Ha) is accepted and the Null Hypothesis (Ho) is rejected. So, there is significance correlation between students’ vocabulary mastery and their achievement reading comprehension.


Correlation Reading comprehension Vocabulary Mastery

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