Kajian Desain Penataan Daerah Bidang Manajemen Pemerintahan Di Provinsi Papua Barat

Fernandes Simangunsong


The implementation of regional autonomy within the framework of decentralization is a complex and continuous work . In the early stages of decentralization , there is a transfer of various types of authority from the center to the various institutions , especially institutions subnational governments . After the transfer of authority will then be followed by the transfer of financing , documents and facilities . After the completion stages passed , does not mean the work has been completed . It appears a series of new challenges related to the ability of isntitusi who obtained the transfer of authority to manage it properly . Without good management , decentralization is precisely that for democracy , effectiveness , efficiency and fairness can not be achieved . It would appear the sources of inefficiency , ineffectiveness and new injustices in areas that can be a trigger for a second series of multidimensional crisis


Local Government; Mismanagement; Public Service;

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24905/jip.v1i1.434


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