EDUKASI KARAKTER YANG INOVATIF (Studi Tentang Kepribadian Muslim yang Toleran)

  • Mohammad Arif


Education is an organization of the most fundamental in determining the life and future of a nation . Thus, in the process should be able to adjust to the conditions of the times. Education is very important to create a society berpedaban . Civilization of a nation will be added and the birth of an education system that is used by the nation. A civilized society , are educated people .

According to Muhammad Naqib Al - Attas , Islamic education was more appropriately termed at- ta'dib ( compared tarbiyah term , study groups and other) because the concept of education ta'dib' give adab / culture . Education takes place with a focus on the human being as subject and object , in order to meet the intellectual and spiritual potential . Along with rapid technological progress , automatically requires innovation in the field of education.

Education is no longer enough organized traditionally , it flow without a clear target , and the absence of procedures for reaching a target that proved to be effective and efficient . If we retain the traditional ways without convening innovation , then obviously the Muslims and Islamic education will fall further behind in all aspects . For this reason the need for innovation in Islamic education is meant to be born Islamic education quality and competitive. Educational / character education is " an attempt to educate children to make decisions wisely and practice it in our daily lives , so that they can contribute to the environment " .

Educational / character education is " a process of transformation of the values of life to be cultivated in a person's personality to become one in the behavior of the person's life " . Which contains three important key points , namely : a) the process of transformation of values , b ) cultivated in personality , and c ) become one in behavior.

Characters in the school setting is " learning that led to the strengthening and development of the child's behavior ( students ) in their entirety based on a certain value referred to the school " . There are three important variables , namely : a ) the integrity of the character values in all subjects , b ) the spirit of development and strengthening of the behavior of learners , c ) the planting of the value derived from Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution , religious values , and norms in society

The social function of religion is to support and preserve the existing community , both the unity and social solidarity . Religious social conditions can be seen in the activities of the students in pesantren salaf . The students in the study of religion and science uniquely pesantren always link between learning the value of obedience to the clerics and the value of devotion to God . Two elements ( learning and values obedience, piety) is a symbiotic mutualism . Value transendetal so closely in the life of students in pesantren salaf .

Islam asserts that the human ego is free and therefore his actions can be assessed by reference to the rules of morality . Religion acts strengthen the unity and stability of the society by supporting social control, sustain the values and goals are established , and provides a means to resolve the error and alienation . Religion can also perform the role of the treatise and proved himself to be something that was not resolved or even a subversive influence of orchestrating the particular society

Cultural strategy is designed for the development of mature personality for the people of Islam by broadening their horizons , widen the scope of their commitments, deepen their awareness of the complexity of the environment of mankind , and strengthen their solidarity with fellow human beings regardless of their political ideology , origins ethnicity , cultural background , and religious beliefs. In order for this goal can be achieved will require a full development of rational behavior of Muslims towards life. Commitment togetherness in maintaining harmony in diversity is needed . Peace will not be achieved without mutual respect and uphold a sense of togetherness in society . So it will be able to produce the tolerant Muslims , the bond of national unity in the NKRI.

Keywords : Character, Education, Innovative.